Healthy Heart Service

Our service will measure your blood pressure and level of cholesterol to calculate your risk of heart related conditions. We will discuss with you what actions you can take to improve and control these two aspects of your health, signposting you to our other services that will support you.

How can we help?

Heart disease is commonly referred to as cardiovascular disease. Up to 10 million people in the UK are at risk of developing this disease. Our Healthy Heart Service can help you understand your risk of developing heart disease so you can take the necessary steps to reduce this risk.   The Healthy Heart Service is conducted by trained members of the pharmacy team, in our private consultation area and includes:

  • A discussion about your lifestyle, such as whether you smoke, your diet and how much exercise you take
  • Taking your blood pressure
  • Measuring your cholesterol level by using a small droplet of blood taken from your finger
  • Calculating your risk of developing CVD
  • Completing an action plan to help reduce your risk which may include referring you to your GP

The consultation should last around 30 minutes.

Am I eligible for the service? 

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, you are NOT eligible for this service.

  • Are you under 40 or over 74 years of age?
  • Could you be pregnant?
  • Do you have high blood pressure?
  • Are you receiving treatment for high blood pressure?
  • Are you receiving treatment for high cholesterol levels?
  • Do you have a blood disorder such as haemophilia or polycythaemia?
  • Are you taking Dopamine, Methyldopa or Warfarin?
  • Have you had a heart attack or stroke in the last 12 weeks?
  • Do you have Chronic Heart Disease (CHD) or other diseases affecting the arteries, blood vessels and heart?
  • Do you have a family history of inherited high cholesterol?
  • Do you have Chronic Kidney Disease, including renal dysfunction & diabetic nephropathy (kidney damage/disease caused by diabetes)?
  • Do you have diabetes (Type I or II)?
  • Do you have epilepsy?

Before you attend your appointment

There are a few things you need to do before you attend your appointment:

  • You should not eat or drink any food for 12 hours before your appointment (this includes milk in a cup of tea or coffee). You can drink water. This will help provide an accurate reading for your cholesterol measurement
  • Wear a short sleeved T-shirt or a top, which can be removed easily. This will mean that your blood pressure can be easily taken 
  • Avoid smoking or exercising for at least 30 minutes before your appointment.

This will help provide an accurate reading for your blood pressure

What should I do now

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